How to have a great movie night with friends.


There’s one thing that me and my friends share: The love of movies.

So naturally, we love movie nights!

Movie nights are one of the most fun and inexpensive activities that one can do. Especially while having a tight college kid budget like I know I do…

Don’t believe me?

Box of microwavable popcorn: $2.99 Movie from Redbox: $1.08 Boom! Less than $5!

Now to have a good movie night. You need the setup in your room to be spot on.

Gather enough chairs from your home (who cares if they don’t match!)

Click here for perfect movie night chairs.

If you need more, than you and your friends can take one for the team and sit on the floor with some pillows!

movie night


Snacks are an absolute MUST! To be a good host, you need to be able to satisfy a guest’s appetite, especially while watching a movie.


To provide popcorn, candy, and other movie sweet treats you’ll need proper dishes to distribute to your guests. We know just the thing! Check these out!


Wallah! A recipe for a great night full of fun where you can provide your guests with a movie night that they wont forget!


No Space? No Problem!

No Space? No Problem!

If there’s anything I’ve learned as being a college student…

It’s how to work with where you live!

Whether you live in a dorm, apartment, or a house, who says you can’t live in luxury?

This doesn’t have to be an expensive wish to grant. All one needs is to be creative.

When it comes to living, there’s one thing that college students usually have in common.

That is: small space.

I lived in a furnished apartment for two years, then moved into a house where I got a smaller room.

I look into my room and ask myself “How can I have all the things I need in here without taking up a lot of space?”

I decided to use a common strategy by putting all of my furniture against the wall giving the room plenty of walk and work space in the center of the room.

Here’s a fine example: image1

As you can see, lots of furniture yet no congestion within the room!

 And of course you have beds. Because of their size, beds can be a BIG issue (was that a pun?).

So I’ve always been a fan of putting my full-sized beds against the wall verses in the center of the room.  


Look at the picture above. Why have a massive bed like that in the center of your room hogging up all the space that you could be using?

I wonder if I’m stepping on any OCD people’s toes with this concept? Oh well!

We have great selections of beds here!

Another big factor is desks.

Student desks are a must, you don’t always want to be at the library when you could get things done easily at home.

Having your desk against the wall is good because it keeps you from distractions like the TV or the temptation to crawl into bed.


Having your desk against the wall and out of the way compliments the extra space in the middle. And it really is the best place for a desk!

Check these out!

Whether you have a dorm, apartment, or a house, space is always something of value when you are in college. It could even be the place where you work out or even makes your space more company friendly when you have friends over!

That’s what I have for now, enjoy your extra space!



Final Blog, Self Report.

My returning readers how are we doing today?

New readers, keep reading, I’ll blow your mind…

How am I doing? That’s a question I’m going to answer specifically.

Straight to the point how am I doing in the digital world? Well, let me tell you!

After discussing my social media accounts with my owl friend on Hootsuite, I’ve gotten some reports back and was taken by surprise how precise Hootsuite was on my analytics.

After all, I’ve learned it might be time to add the cliché name of “social media guru” under my bios.

I’m currently standing trial to see if that title checks out! So, sit in the jury and hear me out!

Q. Reflecting on the assignment to identify a firm, key influencers, a job and skills needed to be a successful candidate, do you feel more or less prepared to succeed after taking this class?

A. I definitely feel more prepared. There’s a lot of things I was unaware of. For one, social media is more than just a place for your digital voice to be heard. It’s a platform of research and where one can demonstrate their brand in the most creative and engaging ways.

Q. Discuss how your blog and the information you are sharing with others through social media is enhancing your online reputation – both personally and professionally.

A. My content leaves a mark. From the smallest tweet to the longest Facebook post, I am representing myself professionally and as a person right behind my screen. The more I engage, the more I enhance myself as a brand. Example: The Twitter report I ran showed I had most mentions on Twitter on November 29th, this was because I took one small tweet and progressed a conversation through my follower’s comments. Professionally, I’m ready for an employer to view my blogs, posts and updates so that they can identify myself with the content I produce.

Q. Discuss the characteristics that have helped build your online reputation (ex. personality characteristics, information sharing behavior, engaging consistently and professionally with followers and others through social media, etc).

A. Humor. I live by giving my audience a reason to keep up with my platforms, and the content I produce with humor. My friends have expressed to me before, “Your statuses will forever make me crack up”. After hearing such a statement, I knew I was doing something right. I want a viewer to read my blogs and be entertained while being informed. Otherwise where does the interest in my content derive from?

Q. Which Hootsuite report did you choose to run? Discuss results.

A. I chose to report Twitter Detailed. I chose this one because it feels like the most engaging and I want to make sure that I am up to speed with exercising proper engagement to my followers. The report showed that when I chose to be more conversational when engaging my mentions. My activity on Twitter rose when I replied with quick and witty comments where my followers had either “liked or “retweeted” my replies having my Twitter growing in its activity and I had plenty more opportunity for my content to be viewed and shared. November 29th was my recent most engaging.

Q. What were your perceptions before and after this assignment in regards to online reputation management (AKA Digital Footprint)?

A. Before this assignment I really didn’t know what to expect, I can think I have a great profile with good content, but the analytics of a report show that I lack in engagement. After I get a reality check, like okay I have to be consistent with this… I have the WORST habit of posting something and getting great feedback but never replying to those comments. Like I straight ignore my followers, so I ask myself, “How would I feel if a brand did this to me?”

If I am to consider myself a social media connoisseur, I have to be consistent, engaging, and the best entertainer I can be.

I have to ask myself “Why have social media If I’m not using it to the fullest.” I personally hate seeing people on social media just to look at other people’s stuff and keep up with what’s going on… Do more!

Society could have so much more from the digital world if we just lived it out!

May my digital footprint inspire all those who “like” it.

*Takes a bow to the audience*


I Met the King!


The best part of Public Relations, is that you get the chance to work with some of your most favorite brands! How many people can get to say that they’ve interned at Face book, applied to Netflix, or studied Walgreens?

Well, I’d be jealous of any of those.

I got the chance to study one of my favorite brands, that being Burger King, a long term favorite of mine since I was just a lad!

My favorite food is burgers of all kinds, so when the opportunity to study the infamous Burger King came.. I just jumped on it!

When first looking at their social media, I was so impressed! Their audience engagement is magnificent. It’s apparent that they utilize great monitoring skills while regulating their various social media platforms.


I mean check this out! This Twitter user was only venting about her day via tweeting. She didn’t even tag Burger King but that didn’t stop them from reaching out to hopefully brighten her day.

Burger King I salute you!

Their online app is uber conveneint.

Personally, I’m the type of guy who thinks of what I’m going to eat for lunch or dinner spur of the moment.

So naturally, I don’t always have a laptop close by for me to look up their menu. I’m typically at work trying to decide what to pick up on the way home.

So I just downloaded the free app, and checked out their entire menu on my phone. Their I discovered some awesome coupons that were exclusive to the app, as well as the latest seasonal additions to the menu I hardly knew what to pick for dinner..there were so many options!

I mean, I usually go for the classic whopper burger but they do so well to push their chicken fires I thought to myself “Maybe it’s time to branch out and try something new”.

As always thank you guys for hearing me talk…

My stomach has been rumbling since like sentence two of this post so if y’all will excuse me I’m on my way to the BK lounge!




Measurement and reaching measurement goal.

If you’re like me you probably thought social media was just… well social media!

With all of the learning I’ve done this year I now know that there are so many goals needed to be met on social media platforms for a good PR practitioner!

Who would’ve though that Facebook, Instagram, and twitter was more than just posting and sharing?

There are so many key components to developing a great digital presence and personally I am pretty self conscious about entertaining my audience on all of my platforms.

Make the Klout app your best friend, because it is indeed mine.

Klout helps you keep up with your digital status and what exactly is drawing the most traffic out of all of your social media platforms.

For a while my Klout score was a straight 54 but I went a while without checking it and just kept doing my think on social media.

Until I got the devastating news that I went down to 51 NO!!!

My goal is to get to a Klout score of 60 so that I can feel like I’m out of the norm.

Like how could I have been so careless??

image1I think Facebook has a lot to do with it… My Facebook game just hasn’t been where it used to be. So I’ve jumped on it and dug deep into my creative self and took a stab at a post with a simple picture that my audience finds funny (wishful thinking).

ice cream

I found this number on my Twitter news feed, posted it to my Facebook with the caption “I ain’t got no type” referencing the popular Rae Sremmurd son “No Type.”

Got through my day of school then I check my Facebook to see that my post had reached 73 likes followed by some comments!

This is a huge plus because Facebook makes up exactly 44.36% of a contribution to my Klout score.

This is a bigger contribution than both my Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Twitter contributes: 12.79%

Instagram contributes: 42.85%

pssst… by the way follow me @rubenpgomez

So because of these measurements provided by your friendly neighborhood Klout app I knew to target Facebook because of all the engagement I’m susceptible to.

How awesome is it that everyone has a place like Klout to reach see their digital measurement status and give exact percentages that kelp you key in on exactly where you are strong as well as where you are lacking?

Without analytics and measurement we as PR practitioners/community managers would be digitally blind!

Will Ruben finally reach his goal of increasing his Klout score..? Will he find better ways to end his blog posts..?

Find out on the next episode of Sir Blogs A Lot..

Personal Social Media Audit


Well well, looks like it’s time for another audit.

This time it’s personal… quite literally.

As an individual striving to become the best PR practitioner that I can be, my digital footprint is crucial in today’s day and age.

With that said, I aim to improve in that as much as I can. My goals for my digital footprint are to keep my audience entertained. Only because I like to think it’s what I do best. I would like my online self to have something to offer whether that’s inspiration or a bucket of laughs.

These are my goals because as a PR practitioner, I must utilize something as powerful as social media to their advantage.

If used right, one’s online rep can lead to a successful brand name, great reputation, strong credibility, and so much more.

Allow me to show you my top goals for my digital footprint:
1.) Establish a digital face of credibility

– Post perfected bios to my profiles with my education, age, personal traits, etc.

– Profile pictures that are of me, with a face only an employer could love.

2.) Experience in social media

– Acquire at least one internship of social media coordinating for the resume.

3.) Be knowledgeable in all top social media platforms.

– Keep up with the latest trends in social media. Stay up to date with what’s new.

– Use the creativity that each social media platform has to offer, demonstrate my knowledge.

– Ask friends, “What do you use often?” “Which social media do you prefer?” so that I can see from a consumer’s perspective, not just a PR perspective.

4.) Have the best content for employers to view.

– Continuously posting, sharing, and developing content at its finest to each of my platforms. So that when an employer is viewing my content, they are either intrigued or entertained.

– Share content from one social media, onto another. For example: If I have a great snap chat video or pic, then I save it or screen shot it and post it to my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account to give the audience the chance to see that I’m available on other platforms and what kind of content I have on them.

– Have my Klout score up to date and visible for an employer… (Which is 54 by the way oooooohh not bad huh?!)

– Post pictures of study abroad/Internship experience.

5.) Show the employer what I have to offer.

– Constantly connect with my personal audience, reply or tweet back to my friends and family so that the employer can see how much of a “people person” I can be in the digital world.

6.) Have my influencers available to see.

– Keep up with following my favorite brands, tweeting/commenting on their material. As well as sharing their posts, show your audience (i.e. employer) what kind of digital and professional influences I have.

Overall, my digital footprint has done nothing but grow these past few months. My Klout score has jumped at least 20 points higher and it’s only uphill from here! Don’t believe me?

Well check me out! My Instagram/Twitter/Snap Chat name is all “rubenpgomez” and my facebook display name is “Ruben Rex Gomez”.

Hit me up and let’s have some fun!

The DAM blog!

And we’re back! After a cute little hiatus the prodigal son has returned bearing a message to my lovely audience.

DAM any of your unauthorized use of media…. DAM……it I say!
Wait, no… are you mentally censoring me? No! By DAM I mean “Digital Asset Management”

Guys, get your minds out of the gutter. I’m Christian. I dare not curse… (chuckle)

Digital Asset Management is a business process for organizing, storing and retrieving rich media and managing digital rights and permission. To me, the way this contributes to digital society is it limits individuals on their rights of using someone else’s media… leaving them room to create on their own!

You might want to refer to my copyright blog to remember how I can be about stuff like plagiarism.

Oh how hard it is to not rant on that subject.

I understand how hard it can be to be working on something in class and needing great media, but there are safe legal ways guys! One simple one being google searching what you’re looking for and just adjusting the filter to “free for reuse” then you have a buffet of legal assets available to you.

Sounds easy, but people still can’t bring themselves to do it because they playin’…
By now you’re probably curious as to what a “digital asset” is. Essentially, it’s content that provides an organization with some recognized value or may cause embarrassment or legal cause,such as a lawsuit, to one’s organization or firm.

DAM is the way to for keeping this digital world of media safe, organized, and clean.

When it comes to something like a firm or organization, a digital asset is electronic content that has intrinsic value to your firm. (as opposed to a file which is any digital record.)

Essentially all digital assets are files, but not all files are digital.
This is a lot to take in I know, but DAM the organization of digital asset is worth it!
(When is he going to stop with puns….?)

The best DAM system one can build is one that fits the needs and/or interests. So Digital Assets Management helps one do that in a nice, clean, and legal way avoiding any mess for one’s own work or one’s organization.

Audience, stay tuned, and stay beautiful!
Ruben P. Gomez signing off